Can child support interest be forgiven?

by Lawerence White
(Lebanon, Tn)

I live in TN and we were divorced in California, where ex still resides. My daughter is 34 with 3 children. My original amout was approx $350.00 month for 10 years. (until my daughter turned 18)d I paid on time for next two years. Then lost my job and and another job etc.

I became a very serious alcoholic and gave up and moved in with parents. The arrears accumulated with interest. over the last 17 years I have been sober and paying child support directly from my paycheck. I am now 64 and must stop working do to health problems. CA states I still owe $40,000 although when I lived in AZ and contacted AZ to ensure my support would be taken out of my monthly check, they stated Ca had adviced them my support was paid in full.

I advised them to recheck to make sure and then CA came up with the $40,000. I will only be living on social security (1,009.00) per month. I have paid the original child support owed 4 times over. It is the interet that is rediculous. Is this fightable? Will they garnish my social security? Will I need to get an attorny in CA? I now live in TN.

I dont have money to fly to CA and appear in court.
Any help or advice or attorny recommendation would be sincerely appreciated.


(This is being submitted by Anne Heppner By request of my brother, Larry White)

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