Can Adult Child Wave Back Child Support Owed

by Cara
(Columbus, Oh)

My mother currently owes our father over $10,000 in back child support in the state of Ohio and it has caused us nothing but stress and financial issues. I am currently 24 years old and my sister is now 19. Neither of us will see a penny sent to our father if our mother pays but the whole problem with payment at all is that my mother has been unable to work since around 2002.

I turned 18 in 2005, so even after she was in a car accident and unable to work she was unable to pay.

Considering that my mother and father have a very negative and aggressive history together it is unlikely that he would write a letter of forgiveness. Because my mother is unable to work it would essentially be me paying my father the money to keep my mother out of jail.

Currently I get $674.00 is SSI Disability a month and that is all that my mother and I live off of. Clearly there is no easy way to make rent, bills and still have enough to eat if I were to pay her child support too on top of that. We barely get by as it is.

Because our housing situation is that she has Section 8 it makes it possible for us to live in an apartment at all. However if she were to be tossed into jail that would go out the window and leave us homeless.

Quite frankly my father does not deserve a single cent after the mental abuse that he put not only myself but my sister through as well. If it is at all possible I was hoping that I could find out if it is possible for my sister and myself to write a letter of debt forgiveness for my mother.

It seems completely unfair for my father to receive that much money for basically abusing my sister and I our entire lives. I have no desire to relive having to stay up all night cleaning for house inspections, or wearing dirty cloths because he was too cheap to spend money to dry our clothes.

Having had anywhere from 3-4 days without a bath because he was keeping catfish in the tub during fishing season and still having to go to school was embarrassing enough.

My attempted suicide left me with over 50 stitches in my arms from the sheer amount of self hate he inspired in me and my sisters constant war with food and calorie counting may not seem like a whole hell of a lot when compared to others who were abused but to see that man get money for what he has done is almost beyond what I can take.
So any help or advice would be most appreciated.

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