Can A New Jersey Court Let Me Keep My Childs SSDI

I was the primary parent for 11 years . When my ex was unsuccessful at eliminating child support and jod awards above guidelines , my ex filed otsc motions 8 x accusing me of interference of visitation. I ran out of money to defend my son who has a history of being emotionally , mentally and physically abused by my ex since 1998.

This father got away with writing up an amended parent consent order in his own handwriting , then he signed our names. This order was entered and eight days (8) later a typed copy was faxed to the court judges chambers.
This behavior was in our marriage, The judgement of divorce exposed his attempts to off set e.d. based on other bogus agreements.

Because I prevailed for 8 years in final restraining orders on visitation clear schedules, and won four visitation exchange reports ordered by the DV unit, I had no money left to fight for my child's rights. He was FORCED into fathers care under makeup time . When he ran away (constantly ) or people reported him under the see something , say something advocating, my ex filed more otsc type motions, and got more premature decisions.

My JOD afforded me my two ssdi checks plus alimony permanent in nature and child support with many awards on a monthly basis. When as my ex had this amended order entered , he had also disposed of 18 months of ordered back child support arrears , and ordered me to pay him child support expenses and to have my child's SSDI check sent to his home (and more fraud ).

My JOD made it clear that my support award was to be used for paying roof top expenses , and made it clear he has helped my son get what is deserved . This is why he did NOT PROVIDE any ED to me ( over $200 000 )

I am currently cut off of all contact 100 % . He has been circulating his own agreement any time my son reaches out or I try to enforce my joint custodial rights.
He continues to do this even though I managed to sell all my jewelry etc.. to appraise court I never agreed to that self serving , very crazy agreement , designed to EVADE owed and ordered supports. 2008 and 2009 orders
amended the 2006 , 2007 unilateral orders.

Can I explain to court I have lost all my hearing and was awarded permanent alimony I am not receiving , and I REALLY NEED that additional check to function , for utilities and food and bare basics. I am addressing the alimony that ceased at the same time at the appellate.
I was forced to do an appeal to prove I have orders I say I have. The ex unilateral orders destroyed my reputation by calling me a malingerer and stating my child has adhd , oppositional behavior , as his explanation to authorities as to why our son calls 911 or why people report his behavior.

I need help in having that ssdi returned to me as the representative payee. I am still giving my child money all the time. My ex is naturally pocketing the $800 a month.

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