Can a child have visitation with 2 men?

by Jenna
(FT Meyers)

I became pregnant over 12 years ago. A man I was seeing at the time (Ill call him Joe) is the father. At the time Joe had lost his job, was relocating and whie he was a good person, he was a bit immature.

When I was just a few months along I got involved with a friend whom I had dated on and off in the past.. Josh knew I was pregnant and that it was not his. He wanted to raise the baby as his own. She was born(in NJ) and we raised her as his daughter (he did sign the bc) a few years later we had another child together.

About this time Joe began contacting me more frequently (he had always stayed in touch via email to see pictures and get updates) joe had regretted his decision to leave Josh to raise his child and asked for a chance to meet her and offered to start sending money. Josh refused to allow Joe to meet my daughter and was began getting angry at me for sending pictures and updates.

About a year later Josh decided we should get married and the four of us should move to Florida because he wanted to avoid anyone ever telling our daughter the truth about about her bio dad.
In an effort to salvage our already strained relationship, I agreed and for about 2 years things were ok.
or various reasons, over the next few years I asked Josh for a divorce. I was no longer in love with him, I was angry that he refused Joe the chance to know his child and he was not an involved father ( heavy drinker, always hungover and tired)
finally after living in FL for 7 years, I asked for a divorce and am following through.

Because my daughter is now 13, I have no desire to end her relationship with Josh, I do however want her to get to know Joe, and eventually tell her the truth. I know I should have been stronger and told her the truth years ago, but I was scared and not sure of the right choice.

Would it be possible for Josh to remain her "legal" dad but for Joe to also have some rights to visitation with her? Money is not an issue- Joe has always been willing to pay child support...there has never been a DNA test, is it needed if I agree to let Joe see her, or could my STBX stop him?

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