Boyfriend's ex-wife is trying to force us into foreclosure

by Christina

My boyfriend had a great job when he went through his divorce. He even agreed to pay $500 a month for his daughter. His ex-wife tacked on an additional $1200 that he was required to pay in 5 weeks. He paid it (court-ordered) but fell behind on everything else. He then lost his job making $21 an hour and got a job making $9 an hour. The support wasn't adjusted for 6 months. She finally agreed to drop it to $200 a month but tacked on another $1200 she found in medical bills and co-pays. He's just about caught up with the arrears and he just got his $21 an hour job back. She's taking him back to court to have the support modified again. The problem is now we are living together and have a son. Last time, they calculated he should pay $681 per month for his daughter.

Will the child support be that high now that he is supporting another child? We won't be able to stay in our house or make our bills if it's that much. I don't work currently but collect unemployment. I have bills that he's helping me pay too. We are going to get married but we're not ready yet. What can I do to protect my son's provider? I don't want him to suffer like his father and I did for over a year with no food in the house and no money for the utilities. He makes good money but our bills are high. What can we do? Should we get married and show both sets of bills? Or do I need to claim child support as well so all of his money doesn't go to his ex-wife? I should mention that she makes very good money herself and has plenty for her own bills and to provide his daughter with beautiful $400 hairstyles and to take herself on vacation. She claims that the $200 a month is nothing to provide "her" daughter with the lifestyle to which she was accustomed. What can I do? We're supposed to go back to court in early February.

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