Bond Money To Custodial Parent

by Rachelle
(granger, indiana)

The father of my four children failed to appear for a court date back in jan 2011. It was for contempt of non-payment of support. I hired a private atty because our prosecutor isnt enforcing my support case. My atty. had the judge issue a body attachment. Several weeks later he was stopped in a different county for a traffic violation and the officer ran his name and dicovered he was wanted. He bonded out hours later at the amount the magistrate set at $5,000.

We appeared for court days ago and the judge denied to release the bond money to me because he objected? He owes over $35,000 and continues not to pay. She reset the court date a month away and we are to appear with attys present. Can she really deny the release of what belongs to my children?

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Yes She Can....
by: Anonymous

And sadly you won't get it, you aren't the most valuable piece in this scenario. They will claim that the bond / bail money goes to the criminal system that tracked him down, housed him and all the processing etc. You won't get any bail/ bond money from this case. My ex gets one every other year or so and I am given the same answer. Again...we and the kids are SOL, and the deadbeats can manipulate the system all they want!

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