Blowing Minds Yet

by Buddyrowe

I am a 32 year old father who has custody of my son from an un-wed relationship. He has been in my custody for 5 years now, and his mother has filed false claims about 4 times now to try get him back over the years. the state needs to realize that the mother is NOT always the best parent! I find this organization completely DISCRIMINATING. Completely exempting the occurrence that a father have custody ...especially one who was not married. Summit county fathers have had a 74% better success rate opposed to mothers ...there's the facts jack . the state doesn't really want fathers to have sole custody of children ...why is that ???

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Fathers are Better Parents
by: Anonymous

The Marxist Liberation Theology of Black Reparations and El Baraq Hussein Obama who were all raised in homes abandoned by their Marxist Fathers firmly believe ALL FATHERs are like their Liberal Democrat lazy Men!

They have no concept of a God Filled Christian Home with a Strong Father Figure! The concept of an Independent Gun Toting Religious Masculine Male scares the Heck out of them like a pack of angry Dobermans. After all, these Masculine Men cannot be controlled with Food Stamps, Cash for Clunkers, or NINJA Loans (No Income, No Job shysters). Notice how Messiah Obama and all his DIMS are hiding like cockroaches in the shadow when Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck assemble 500,000 Religious Americans for a God Revival Meeting in DC! No need for Big Brother Government in a Male Dominated Household!

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