Barely Receiveing Child Support


To make a long story short that I'm sure you've read over and over again. My ex owes over 10,000 in CS. It's all set up to go through the courts. He should be paying 130 a week but I only receive half. He also has another child that he owes CS. The courts is not able to take more than half his pay for child support. The system says there is nothing else they can do because he is paying. But it's just not enough for me to take care of the kids. Is there anything I can do to make him pay the full amount.

He rarely sees his kids in fact he went a whole year without seeing him. I'm now pushing him to spend sometime with his boys and he is seeing him about once a week for a few hours.

On a side note, he lives with a person who is fostering a child. My ex needs a foster licence to live there and help foster. They receive payments from the state to help with fostering. How can he be able to recieve a foster license and help foster a child, when he can not even take care of his own.

Please is there anything I can do?

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