Back Support Never The Same

by Mike Ryman
(Johnson City tn)

Hi, I have been paying child support since 2000. At the time I began, alaska state was taking 450 per month from my paychecks.I live in Tennessee. In 2003 I became self employed and needed the amount modified to reflect my current pay status.

I scrimped and did what I had to to continue paying the amount alaska stated until I simply could not afford to anymore. in 2005 I called and talked to the local child support office and my "case worker" got very VERY hateful with me.

I explained to her that since 2000 my job had changed and I was not making as much now. I told her I really needed help as I needed to do something to get my pay amount lowered to an amount that I could afford to pay. She said in a very snotty tone "sounds to me like you need to get yourself an attorney" and she hung up on me. I talked to relatives and they helped me get an attorney.

He took it into court and got my pay amount dropped to 160 per month plus an extra 50 per month to go towards the backpay owed. Apparently this court decision was not good enough for alaska state. Alaska was and is charging intrest. Nobody ever mentioned the word intrest to me.

In my way of thinking, since tennessee took it into court and set my pay according to my ability to pay, and I HAVE been paying, shouldn't alaska have had to abide by tennessee's ruling? My backpay amount owed as of 2000 was supposedly 17,000. Now it is 2012, and the amount I owe on backpay is just over 20,000 and according to an attorney here in tn I have only missed 4 payments in 7 years, and maybe 1 before that going back to 2000.

My backpay has gone up and up never reflecting a penny I pay. I was told that this is due to intrest on the original amount owed. That alaska was charging over 60 per month on just intrest, and it has gradually lowered a little bit as time has went on. This is more than Tn state said I should be paying on backpay, and nobody said any different to me.

What can I do? I have been paying for years and still am. The child is now 18, so no more current pay, however I really feel I am being intentionally screwed here. Is there something I can legally do about this? I have been paying for years now, and owe more than when I started and can forsee alaska continuing to jack me around and tennessee not doing anything about it. Another thing, the child has not lived in alaska for years.

Approximately 10 or so. Shouldn't this case have been handed over to washington state where the child had been for 10 years or more? I really feel that I am being taken for one hell of a ride. Please help?

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