Back Child Support Payments Not Owed

by Paul Norwood
(Riverside,Ca. USA)

For the past 18 years or so I have trying to get the county to sit down and clear up what they say that I owe in back child support. In a nut shell here is the problem. In the begin I sent my payments directly to my ex-wife. The court did not like that because they did not get there money of the top. I went to court and was sent to jail for 4 months I asked the judge what would happen to the money that the district attorney said that I owed, he stated that the money owe would be deleted. Even without that I can proved that I don't owe any moneys. I have documents to prove all the monies that were sent to the ex. All I want to do is sit down with them and work this out. If I owe any money after we sit down I will gladly pay it.

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Dear Paul,

Unfortunately any monies paid directly to your wife are considered a gift. If the money is not sent through the system then there is no proof, and it does not count towards your payments. Did the judge order all of the back support deleted? Do you have proof in a written order?


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