Back child support owed

by Jaimi Brown
(Casper, WY USA)

My son's dad lives in NC, owns a tattoo shop and owes about $50,000 in back child support. He disappeared right after my son was born and it took me 13 years to track him down...that was 5 years ago. A court order for him to pay $184.00 a month current child support and 13 years accrued back child support was issued in WY. Since then I have had to track him down no less than 5 times, through 5 or more states. Last year he opened a tattoo shop in Fayettville. My son turned 18 in Nov. and he has tried to claim he wasn't properly served. In Nov. a court in NC ruled that he was to start paying 12-01-10. NC will not talk to me and WY says they just have to wait on NC.

I have only received I think $500 from him all together and that was his tax return a few years ago. When i found out he had opened his shop in April of 2010 I contacted WY child support and was told they had to give NC 90 days to respond. After 90 days I contacted them again and was told I had to give them another 60 days. After 60 days I was told 30 days and on and on it goes. How do i get NC to put a lien on his property, his tattoo shop, his bank accounts, revoke his tattoo, business, and/or drivers licenses, or whatever else can be done to get him to start paying?? I feel like I am getting the run-around. Thank you for any information you can give me.

Jaimi Brown

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