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by Confused

So I live in Illinois and an EX- of mine (who lives in Pennsylvania) calls me and tells me I have a 13yr. old daughter. She had told me this before when she had first found out she was pregnant (and when asked for a paternity test) she then told me the child was by someone else,(a man who lives in Florida) and moved out of state and I was unable to contact her in anyway. So when she called recently saying the child was mine after 13 years, and given the fact she told me the child was by someone else before, I of course asked for a paternity test again. She has agreed to the test.

Let me note that she and the (father that was on the birth certificate/ who lives in FL.) lived together about 5 yrs then split up and the man retained custody of the child,(In FL.). Then the mother obtained custody of the child about a year or so ago and has lived with the mother in PA. ever since. Would like to say I'm posting states knowing the laws vary.

Also had I known that she was my child and none of this would had happen I would gladly had gave the child all the support needed .... Cause My fiance and I are the proud parents of 3 of our own children, and we both come from split families and know the effect it has on children.

All that being said I was wondering if in the event the child is mine, could I end up owing the mother back child support in anyway shape or form (considering I was told the child was not mine and was never able to get in contact with her after she moved)?

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