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My ex and I agreed, in writing, journalized with Ohio court, that my monthly child support obligation would be increased by a certain amount until the arrearage the court said I owed was paid off. I continue to receive letters from the County child support enforcement bureau saying I am in arrears. My most recent letter said my passport could be revoked. I plan to vacation out of the country soon. I've spoken with my child support bureau and they tell me this is standard procedure and that they don't recognize these types of agreements, although they are reducing the amount of the arrearage with each letter I receive. This leads me to believe that they are recognizing the agreement. My current arrearage is $3,000. How concerned should I be that my passport will be revoked, that any federal income tax will be withheld or that in the regular course of living, I am labeled a criminal? While I acknowledge that back support is owed, my ex and I agreed to repaying it as outlined above. Also, can I now make a lump sum payment and just be done with it?

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Any back child support over $2,500 can cause your passport to be restricted. Also, your taxes can be intercepted as well if you are in the arrears over $2,500.

If you want to make a lump sum payment, we suggest that you get a current printout of your child support. Then you can make the payment via your local csea. Just be sure you get the FULL payoff amount. Also ask your caseworker if the payoff amount will pay your arrears completely up to current.

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