Back Child Support Arrears 20 years after mother dies

by Lisa
(Dyersburg, TN)

My friend was charged with $50,000 in arrears approx. 18-20 years after the childs mother died. My friend and the childs mother had been divorced for approx. 18 years. The child was fathered by his ex-wife's previous boyfriend, and my friend adopted the child when they married. When the couple divorced, she "verbally" said that she did not want any child support from him, because he was not the childs biological father. And that was the case for years...then the child's mother dies, and now the grandparents of the child have sued my friend "the adopted father" for back child support arrears of $50,000...which is being taken out of his check. Is this reasonable?

The child is now 21 years old....I'd like some information, please. I am now planning to marry my friend, but how can he owe $50,000 and to whom? The child, or the grandparents? He is a disabled VET, who served in Desert Storm and has went through a horrible patch with alcholism and homelessness, and is now getting back on his feet, this is only providing additional harship on him. Please give me some feedback.

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