Back Child Support Arrearages In Texas

by Lisa

My boyfriend has been paying back child support on a child that is now 21 in Texas. we regularly request a copy once a year of payments made on the arrears. the IRS has been keeping his tax refund for 6 years now. those payments never show on our statement.

The balance of arrears has only decreased 3000 in six years even though his tax refunds average 1500 per year. the only payments that show are the ones paid by his employer. at this rate he will never pay off. the balance is around 21000 and he is 53 years old. How long do we have to pay and is it possible to stop the interest on thus amount?

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Lisa,

The interest cannot be waived. Contact the IRS and child support and ask why the offset is not showing on your records. Does he see the child in question?


by: Anonymous

Why are asking and not the boyfriend? This is not your responsibility it's his.

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