Back Child Support Added While On Unemployment

by Tim Strain
(Medford Oregon)

While working I was paying $960.00 per month for child support. Got laid off 9 months ago have several jobs pending but not until first Qtr of 2010. Child support pulling $480.00 per month from unemployment, however $480.00 per month is being put in the arrears. How can I get the arrears to stop pulling until I get back to work???

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What you can do
by: Anonymous

Hello Tim,

Unfortunately you cannot stop child support arrears from piling up even when on unemployment. The only thing you can do is to request a modification if you are eligible. The only problem is the time frame it can take for modifications to go through. But, since your income has changed it might be in your best interest to modify anyway.

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by: Anonymous

I did submit a change request 2 months ago! the deputy DA informed me the total amout of change is 50.00 deducted from the arrears piling up! This sucks., I would call it the"unjust justice system" My ex wife has remarried(my ex-best friend she was having an affair with behind my back for a year while married!!)and is pulling in 150K per year! they are now living out of state and I havent seen my 2 girls(ages 16 & 13)in 2 + years...court order claims every other weekend to have there any justice????

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