Avoiding Child Support And Owes $29,000

by Ana
(Bronx NY)

I have been married to myex since 2002, I brought him to the USA from the Dominican Republic where we met, after 5years and 2 kids together we broke up because of domestic violence, he use to abuse me.

I requested an order of protection and child support in 2007 at the beginning he use to pay part of the child support which was $420 a month for our 2 kids and he was working off the books with nothing under his name.

He failed to show affidavit of support to the judge so the judge increased the monthly support to $674 a month with a 9% annual interest for non payment based on the children's needs, on our last court date in 2009 he failed to show up at court because he was mandated to bring in half of the money he owed at that time or face jail time, due to failing to show up at court the judge order an warrant of arrest,

My Ex was arrested one time for being involved in a fight in a club and the NYC police never found out that he had a warrant opened so he got released in less then 24hrs.

For over 10 years my Ex has been working off the books and not claiming taxes, he hasn't made no payments since 2009 and now owes $29,000 and still have an open warrant. I went back to court to file a motion and the judge order me to serve my Ex with the police so they can bring him to court since he fails to appear in court voluntarily.

The cops would go to his girlfriend house were he resides with her 2 kids which are not his own kids but the girlfriend would not open the door and tell the cops that he is not there, since we don't have a house search the cops can't force the door open to search for my ex.

I finally decided to get him at his work site with the cops and he finally got arrested today but now I'm concern as of what's going to happened after this. Our motion date at court is next week, I don't know if he is going to be incarcerated and forced to pay part of the money owed before he is set free or is the NYC family court going to place him in a job where the child support money can be garnished automatically.

My ex also had another child after our break up with a different woman that also has been trying to serve him with child support order court papers.

What would be the next step the NYC family court would take from here? How can he be forced to pay for his obligations and not go back to hiding and working off taxes? He also has a warrant arrest for IRS for no compliance with the 9% annual interest he has on child support plus not paying taxes in the USA in the 11years he has in the USA.

Our oldest child is disable and I have tried to have my ex look out for his kids even if asking him to take care of our kids while I do over time on my job in the weekends but my ex doesn't even comply with his Sunday visitations right I gave him.

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