Arrested For Non Child Support Columbus Ohio

by TMF

My child's father is close to $7000.00 in arrears, hasn't had a job in over a year and isn't looking for one. Every few months he pays a little on it so he can get his license reinstated. What has to happen before he would get arrested?

Also I found out this year that the IRS withheld his tax return and forwarded it to CSEA only to find out that CSEA forwarded it to Jobs and Family Services because I got a welfare check for 4 months, 5 years ago. The funny thing is a month before the tax offset was sent he paid a little on the support(to get his license) and I got that money.

So my question is why did I get what he paid and not the money from the offset? And if ODJFS is entitled to money before my child is then how can I find out how much they got coming before my child can get what is owed to her?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member


What you should do is contact the DJFS to find out just how much they are saying your ex owes. They will get their money first. It is the government law. Now the one check may have slipped through the cracks and that is why you received it. You can call your child support caseworker as well, they are actually linked to the DJFS. Are you aware of a lien placed on his bank accounts or property? That could be a next step that you may wish to discuss with your caseworker.


by: Anonymous

Bank accounts? That's funny! He doesn't have any bank accounts or property for them to put a lien on. And why is it that DJFS gets money before my child gets it? To hell with her being taken care of as long as they get some money. The system is so screwed up. My daughter gets penalized even more because her sperm donor will not do what he is supposed to do and they wont do anything to him but suspend his driver's license every couple months and then charge him $25 to reinstate it. You never answered my other question, what has to happen for him to locked up for nonpayment of child support?

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