Arrears Of Back Support And Lost My License

by Dale Barnett
(Sheffield Lake, Ohio)

I am about 20,000 in back support for 2 orders in the state of Ohio. I was working and my check was being garnished, I then got laid of and am receiving unemployment. They are garnishing this now. My caseworker told me to open an account, before they were taking money from my check so i did this and put in the account what I could afford She said have 366.08 in the account for the one order and they would release my drivers license.

They send an order for both supports and took out for the order that was not holding up my drivers license, Thuus drawing money from my unemployment of 50%

I get 171.00 and they are taking 86.00 a week. I live on 82.00 a week cant job hunt because of no license, and have given support ever dime I have made,. I'm tapped. My kids are all grown, and gone from the mother home. What can I do to straighten this MESS! I cannot afford legal advice, Heck I can afford to eat. Please help, I have no where else to turn

Thank you ,
Dale Barnett

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Dale,

The idea of you opening another account is confusing. Be careful because child support can put a lien on that account and legally take money without your knowing. Your caseworker has to release you from the DMV before you can get your license returned. You will need to potentially talk to a supervisor at Child Support and find out what is the problem. How long has your license been suspended?


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