Arrears Nightmare!!!

by Chris

I am from the great state of Texas and I have been in the child support system for over 21yrs. I have 5 kids. 3 under 18, 2 are 21yrs old. First the arrears only built up because the caseworkers put amounts for each child so high that I could not pay what they were asking.

My wages are garnished for the 50% which I have lived with all these years. They set my payment for one of my 21yr olds at $320pr mnth, the other 21yr old- $150pr mnth. 2 of my daughters $300+150 for arrears+$75.00 for medicaid which was illegally received.

I have 1 more daughter whose payment is set at $222.89+115 for arrears. Total of $1,332.89 per month for all. I make $1,600 a month! $10per hr! For years, my anger with the system has caused me to just "let it be" so to speak. But I cant anymore.

I need help and I need it right now. I don't mind paying child support. I have done it for 21yrs. But I need this worked out so my mind can be at peace. Please tell me there is hope for me?

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Hi Chris,

Lee here.

I have forwarded your post to one of our child support specialists. They will contact you via this platform on or before Monday.

Thanks, and we will reply back concerning your situation shortly.

Best Regards,

CSA team member

V.I.P Question
by: CSA Staff

Dear Chris,

Thank you for sharing your Child Support situation. We understand how frustrated you must be.

There is hope in any situation, even though it seems bad. You definitely need a child support modification. It should be done By an Attorney before a judge or magistrate. When the Child Support office sets the amounts, payments can be set unreasonably. Usually when your case is heard before a judge, your situation and the amount of children can be viewed accordingly and payments can be set fairly.

We have found that in most cases when an attorney fights on your behalf for a reasonable amount to be set, the outcome is more in your behalf. We suggest you find a family law attorney and see if they will at least give you a free consultation. Even if you have to spend the money and hire an attorney , it will be in your best interest in the long run.

The attorney will be more familiar with the legal percentage allowed to be garnished from you by your state. Your amounts seem rather high and should be explored farther.

Again Chris, it will be in your best interest to seek out legal counsel to fight for you. We wish you well and be encouraged. Thank you for sharing.

CSA Staff

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