Arrears and under the table work

Mom is non custodial parent ordered to pay minimum child support of 50.00 per month, she has worked as a stripper, I've called and verified, she hasn't claimed any of her wages. She's also 4 months behind, is there anything else that I can do?

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Child Support
by: Anonymous

You can try and see if her boss will verify to the child support what she does. As for beign behind 4 months You gonna have to wait till the child support to do their part unless your state is different. Usually if they are at least 5 hundred dollars behind they will take their license then if they still dont pay they will send them to jail.

Childsupport doesnt work
by: Nicole Cain

I have full legal and sole custody of my 3 children. He is almost 2000 behind and childsupport has done nothing. I turned in his employer info and his employer told me bewcause he has a 1099 they cannot touch his wages so another words he doesn't haVe to pay taxes and he doesn't have to pay childsupport. He is still not in jail and is drinking and smoking. The system works does it and this is a man who shot his son in stomach and molested children but he still gets visitation.

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