Arrears And Social Security Disability Benefits

by Doretha Bray
(Bensalem, PA, USA)

My ex-husband wants to have all his arrears forgiven based on SSID benefits he was receiving since 2007 and did not notify child support and did not pay child support from 2003-2009. I received one payment in 8/ 2009 and every month of 2010 since his SSDI was attached. However, since he tried to have all the children emancipated only than did I learn about the child benefit.

My one son received a large amount since he is still in high school. He is 18 years old and he has his own account in which I am not entitled. Does this benefit have any bearing on the arrears that have not been paid?

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Back Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Doretha Bray,

No. The benefit is from Social Security. That is separate from child support. Your ex will have to prove he was on SSD and the arrears may potentially be waived. Did you receive the beneficiary payments from your husband's SSD?


arrears and social security disability
by: Anonymous

I want to know if the court can credit social security disability lump sum ($42,000) directly to my son against past child support accrued during my disability. Althought, I was still paying most of my child support during this disability time. I read different comments, but still confused.

childrens arrears
by: Rod M

Have been disabled for 2 yrs. Child support inforcement was going to put me in jail and take everything i owned. So i borrowed $10,000 to keep my child support current. Now they want to take the arrearige from my child support disability too. Can i get it?

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