Arrears and Child Support Emancipation

Hello! I received a child support emancipation notice months ago advising me that my case will cease next month when my son turns 18. He is currently not in school. My question is will I still be obligated to pay the Arrears. If the answer is Yes is there anything I can do to get this reduced expunged, etc. The arrears covers two years before the court order was established. I have been compliant for 9 years now. In addition, a small amount of each payment goes supposedly has gone to the arrears for the past 9 years. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member


Normally the arrears don't go away, so I would assume that you will have to pay the back support. Check with your case worker, and ask for a print out and balance of your payment history.

If you feel that you are not responsible for the arrears this now turns into a legal situation. Also be sure that you are eligible for child emancipation since your son is not in school. Some states require that the child is 18 and in school and or turns 19 before emancipation. Every state has various rules, so check to be sure.

Take care,


by: Anonymous

Thank you. I will research your points to see how they apply in my state.


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