Arrears after giving up rights

by jeffrey

When my son was nine months old we did a paternity test. we then went to court about 3-4 months later for child support. We went in front of the judge he gave the orders and ask my ex girlfriend was she letting me see him at that time she was. Two weeks later she broke up with me again and would not answer calls nor let me see my son. I paid child support for a little while hired an atty when he was three. Her and her fiancee wanted to adopt my son seeing as i never saw him and cant afford all the atty fees to fight i gave up my rights it took a year. because the atty could not get together the judge could not met with them an so on with the excuses. Now she wants the arrears after they have called me a dead beat dad and said i never tried to call him but i did. So what are my rights on this back child support.Now her and her fiance have split and the judge new this. So no adoption. She works for her atty. I think i have been shafted. Seems as if she received excellent coucil because money talks and my council was well real cheap.

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Same Question
by: Anonymous

If you've been forced under duress to give up your rights and the GAL even thought it was a bad idea but your ex put you in between a rock and a hard spot. What do you do?! I've been told there is a possibility of going back and filing to get it reversed but I don't want to waste a bunch of money on attorneys telling me what I want to hear and not has happened to me in the past.

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