Applying For Child Support In Lakewood

by Tonnya

My husband and I are separated and have been since October 8th of 2010. I have been attempting to be civil and "play nice" with him and no legal papers have been filed thusfar. We are trying to reconcile, but are not willing to do so just yet. I feel it is his responsibility to our children to be financially responsible, as he 1. Makes more money than I do currently, and 2. Both of our children currently reside with me full time. He has not requested any time with them on his own and the only time I have attempted to give him a weekend with him, he called me a day into the visitation and requested I come and get them because he was "not okay". He has had several struggles with depression, is currently on depression medication, has threatened suicide 3 times and was taken to the hospital once. He called me and I wasn't in a position to get to him. He was threatening to kill himself so I called the local police, and they came and picked him up and took him to the hospital. I have attempted to work out an arrangement with him on our own for some kind of support and he agrees to it until it comes time to give me the money. He claims that he doesn't trust me, due to some of the reasons we decided to separate.

He says mainly because I had been seeing someone else that he doesnt trust me and therefor cannot feel safe giving me any money. I currently live with family because I am unemployed. When we separated, I was working in Castle Rock and I moved about 30 miles away to Bailey. I felt it was unsafe for me to drive in winter conditions that far away so I resigned from that job and have not been able to find a job since. He feels that I am not doing my part in being responsible for the children because of this. Eventhough I am caring for them full time. He claims that it is actually my grandparents that are caring for them. They are giving us a place to live, but I am their primary caregiver. He is also making threats about taking the kids away from me due to the fact that in the past I had tried marijuana. I have NEVER and will never use drugs around my kids and have not since October. I do not use drugs in any form of a consistant way, it was mainly experimentation and I have never done anything harder than marijuana. I am unsure as to what my rights are, and would like some advice on how I should pursue this.
Thank you for your time

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