appealing order for back child support arrears

My husband started receiving letters from Las Vegas child support around 2007 however did nothing with it. Earlier this year my husband was incarcerated and found out that he owes child support. I then also started receiving child support paper from California also because the mother of the child had moved there from Las Vegas.

I went to court for him on July 12, 2010 because he was still in jail and was advised that the mother of the child has failed to cooperate with DNA testing (which my husband has already done the DNA testing in March 2010), have missed 3 DNA appointments. Case was hereby amended to NSW arrears only. So they scheduled another court date for Oct 18, 2010. At that hearing they told my husband that the state of CA requests current support and that the mother must cooperate with DNA previosly ordered.

My husband told the Judge that he shouldn't have to pay for a child that they don't have proof is even his. She told him that the court finds proper orders for judgment and arrears was proper and valid. The mother received CA TANF in 2009 (which also they took $1853.00 from my 2008 tax return and Las Vegas took $1717.00 from my 2009 tax return). They advised my husband that he has to pay $25.00 on the next court date which is Dec 29, 2010 or he faces contempt.

The Judge advised my husband that if he didn't like the decision he could hire an attorney, my husband is not currently working and I am the only one working supporting my 4 children. I don't have money to hire an attorney or pay the state back for giving out money to the mother in the 1st place. I know when you sign the child support paperwork it does tell you that you need to work with them weather it be DNA, etc however she has missed 4 appointments. I am begging for your help with this matter.

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