Another State Intercepted Tax Return For Back Child Support

by Robert
(Worcester, MA)

My son moved to Tennessee to live with his mother. She immediately filed a modification here in MA. My child support was taken directly from my check. She went to child support in TN and signed an affidavit to get support through TN. 6 months after my son was immanucapted I get a letter from TN stating I owed thousands of dollars. I went to my case worker here in MA and she called TN right in front if me telling them that the court order was from MA and that my obligation had been met and that they had NO right to a claim. I also called TN they told me I owed nothing and that they were taking me out of the system. NOW they took my federal check and are telling me it will take 4-6 weeks to get it back! They stole my money illegally in my mind. They NEVER had any right to it and took it anyway. I NEVER had my case moved to TN and my child support was never late here in MA.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Robert,

When multiple states are involved with child support it can get tricky. Be sure to keep accurate records and documents from each state stating that you owe NOTHING. You do not want this to continue happening. Have you been in contact with the IRS?


i r s
by: Anonymous

hello my mane is Frank, my question,is if i just owe arrears can the i r s garnish still my federal return?

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