Am I The Father Or Not

by Gary
(Atlanta Georgia)

The mother of my child, Gary Lyn Ridley, Jr., and I was together approximately 8 years. After my son turned 10, she told me that he may not be mine. We went to court to try to establish the paternity of my son, but that was unsuccessful. For the past five years, I have been trying to contact her to get a DNA test done but every time I come in contact with her she changes her phone number. She lives in Dayton, Ohio and I in Atlanta, Georgia. For the last nine years, I have been paying child support through paychecks including unemployment benefits. A few days ago I received a court order issuing a warrant for my arrest due to arrearages. Should I be arrested or continue paying for a child who I don't know is mine and was tricked into believing he is?

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Unsuccessful DNA Test
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Gary,

We need to know why the DNA test was unsuccessful. What happened and was the test ever completed?


Who is to blame
by: Anonymous

By sighning the birthcertificate at birth, establishes that the child is yours in Ohio. They said that the father and the mother would have to get it done on their own, which doesn't help if the mother is constantly running from the process.

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