Am I going to receive back child support?

by Courtney
(Hinesville, GA)

After having my son for eight years I finally have gone after child support. His father was there when he was born, signed the birth certificate and everything. However after that we weren't together.

I just had the case started and I am supposed to be receiving $50 a month. He just got his disability back and they took a huge chunk of money from him, saying that it is for child support. I didn't know if that money is supposed to go to me and another women he had children with or what. I live in a different state and the paperwork I received back about my case didn't say anything about back child support.

I know he doesn't owe the other mother much money in back child support because she has been getting child support most of the time. So I am confused and wish someone could tell me if I am entitled to back child support, or if I am only going to see the $50 even though I have been the sole provider all these years.

I've talked to people in Stark county OH and in the state that I filed the child support in, and everyone just says they aren't sure. I would think that it would say somewhere all of what I am entitled too. I didn't know if the amount that I should be getting in back child support is somewhere else, since they don't consider back child support as actual child support, but instead a debt owed to the custodial parent?

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