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Arrears In Alabama

We asked the court to waive the arrears,but the state said I still owed because the kids were receiving medicaid from job and family services and food stamps I owed them the arrears.

I have no income and desperately need my license to search and obtain what ever I can find with all of my health problems. Thank you for any help.

Child Support Situation

Me and my ex fiance had a daughter I began receiving welfare after we broke up which made it open a child support case in 2007 well we got together for two months in 2008 while it was still going on, he moved in with me and turned on cable in his name does this count as child support?

Also he claimed our daughter and we split the tax return and he is now claiming he paid me 3000 telling them 400 a month would that have been considered child support since we were together and we split it?

She lied about her marital status

My ex-wife recently became pregnant and told me it was mine. We already have an eleven year old daughter. I took her word for it since we had a one night fling. Three months into the pregnancy she reveals to me that it's not mine. Since this day things have taken a turn for the worst.

We have been to court a number of times, the last time being for child support. Not realizing at the time she filed the court as single but she is married. Can this affect the amount of child support to be paid to her? What are the consequences for this violation?

Alabama Child Support Laws

Hello, I am a proud father of two great boys (which are now grown men). I was a single father and I am the payee of child support granted to me. I have not received over $27,000.00 owed to me by my dead-beat ex-wife who has been running/hiding. Every time I locate her and offer the information to update my case, papers are sent and she packs up and moves.

Without help, I feel I will never see the child support I am owed. I was hoping to at least to get her face out there for people to see. A wanted poster for her could offer me some information or tips of her where-a-bouts.What ever information you can offer would be appreciated.

Need to consult an attorney

I want to pay child support, we are amicable, but I can't afford an attorney to look out for my interests. State (Alabama) wants just over $900. I pay for the health care already, and I net about $2200. We live in the Orlando area, and I just got into a decent apartment so the kids can start visitation and the like. We would like to settle this ourselves but because she receives food assistance the State is "acting on her behalf". Even if she stopped assistance tomorrow, the State says that they are involved no matter what. Since we split months ago I'm concerned how they will roll that into things too. Help? Advice?

Mother gave children to me

The mother of my children gave me the kids 3 years ago but i am still getting charged child support even tho they are with me. I've been trying to switch this over so she has to now pay but it seems like no one can help and there's nothing i can do. She had me on child support in Alabama and i opened a case for her in South Dakota. Its been 3 years and nothing has been done. They take half my checks for the children that are actually in my care now. what can i do about Alabama child support laws?

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