Age For Child To Choose Family In Idaho

by Brian Wilson
(Prescott Valley AZ)

My son is almost 11. He currently lives in Idaho with his mom during the school year. He lives with me in Arizona during the summer and all school vacations/holidays. I have heard in general a child needs to be 12 to tell a judge which parent he would like to live with, though I have also heard in Idaho and Arizona there is no age requirement. What is the age law? My son has told me on numerous occasions he would like to live with me and just visit his mom but he is scared to tell her this. Currently she gets $400 a month child support from me, she supplies the medical insurance, I have to cover 53% of cost, we each pay a one way plane ticket for visitation. I already know my ex-wife will not agree to this arrangement for she will lose her child support if he is no longer living there. I am wanting to change the custody of my son to have it up to him and his talk with a judge as the ruling, not what I say or what his mom says or have to hire any attorneys for this, not have a drawn out argument, just a ruling on what he wants, Is that possible? With that ruling I would also like to ask for no child support from her at all, only for mine to stop. I will also accept all medical responsibility. The only thing I would like to ask for is that any visits he has with his mom are to be his decision only, that she cannot force him to visit her against his will (this has been an issue with him living with her)and that she is solely responsible for his round-trip plane ticket since I'd be refusing child support from her. Please let me know if, when and how this would be possible.

Thank-you very much.

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Dear Brian

Call the county family court in both states and ask the age limit. Are you currently taking her to court for this issues?


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