Actions Taken To Enforce Child Support Order

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My ex of 4yrs never consistently pays his half of anything. I've added up about $3000 in extra costs-daycare, md bills and medications that are separate from the actual child support total. I've paid these out of my pocket. Although he has a job, in construction, he says he doesn't get paid every week because his company is always waiting on money from someone else.

I can't even remember the last time his employer has turned money over to the state to be deposited in my account. I have it set up for his employer to mail money to the state and deposit it in my account. However, he somehow is still getting money from his boss but is not sending any toward the child support.

How do you enforce money that is "under the table"? His tax return was $6100 this year, which I received, but how did someone who has no assets, claims only one of our three children, and rarely gets paid, get that much back.
My question is "what can I do?" He is suppose to pay $255/week plus $300 in daycare and half of medical bills/medications and sports. This is for 3 kids age 6,9,and 11.

He says he is being honest about not having money and says he gives me money as soon as he gets it. I am so tired of asking everyday if he got paid or not. How do I prove he IS getting money and actions can be taken? I would also like to know how to add him to the dead beat dad pictures?
Thank you.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member


You cannot legally obtain proof of his income. What you can do is take him back to court for all of the monies owed. Have you contacted your caseworker? You can request his license be suspended, liens placed on his accounts etc.


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