Accountability For Child Support

by Marie

Why can't there be a bill passed into law to forced accountability on the payee? My husband pays his child support faithfully each month on three children, however, there is no accountability on the ex-wife's part. I really feel she needs to show what she is doing with the money with receipts, etc. She is in real estate and uses this money for her business. Please advise.......

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Accountability For Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Marie,

Please understand that child support does not specifically need to be spent on the child. As long as the custodial parent is paying for rent, utilities, house hold goods ect, this all counts for child support.

The system sees it like she is providing for the kids by taking care of various expenses as mentioned above. As long as she is not doing something illegal with the money, you will have to live with not knowing how the money is spent.

And even if she was doing something illegal, it might be a cat and mouse game trying to prove it. Is she doing something that you would consider illegal with the money?


by: Jake

I absolutely agree with you on this one. The parent that receives the child support should have to account for what the money is spent on. In my situation, my ex isn't working anymore, receives some unemployment insurance payments, but when I see my kids, they have on crappy clothes, no heavy winter coats, etc etc.

I would LOVE to have an accounting of what she's spending it on!

Custodial parent not working
by: Anonymous

I believe that once the children are of school age that custodial parent must be required to work also--or else the non-custodial parent shouldn't have to have all their income counted towards figuring the child support payment. My husbands ex-wife hasn't worked a day since they divorced 15 years ago which leaves him getting screwed every year when she requests for the support to be reviewed again. Does anyone know is there a law out there for this?

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