A Question About Unjust Child Support Payments

by Shawn

I'm curious to know what would actually happen if the mother of a child admits after 18 years of child support payments, that the child was not the alleged fathers child. If it was state ordered, what would happen to all of that financial support?

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Lawsuit Against The Custodial Parent
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Shawn,

In this case, it appears that the non-custodial parent would have to file a lawsuit against the residential parent. Our question would be, did the mother know this all along? You can respond via this post.


by: Mattie Young

I am a wife of a man that is paying child support for a child that isnt his and that woman know that my husband is not the father and she have been getting from him for the pass 6 to 7 years and getting his income taxes every year and the child support case worker isnt any help and to me she could be working with her to get the money. The case was going to be close when the mother reopen the case after 20 years or so.

I don't understand how a person can do this and get away with something like this.There was a test done but they cant find it.It and saying that it was a fire in the old build and a lot of the record was in the fire,if that was truth then get another test done before you start taking money out of someone check and messing up there credit and life.I need help and some lawyers want to much money to look into it. Why cant she pay for all of it because she is the one lieing and getting the money or why don't the state pay for it because someone don't do there darn job up front and look into it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP...............

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Mattie,

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