A Jerry Springer Story Concerning Dna Testing

by Shawn
(Baltimore, MD)

O.k. here we go. Let's say that approximately 18 years ago a man(let's call him the"Cop") was told that he fathered a beautiful bouncing baby boy. He was told initially that another man (let's call him "The Navy Guy") fathered this child for two years(and was listed on the birth certificate),yet the man denied the child for two years. The "mother" of the child had to get financial assistance from the state for those two years. The Cop guy was told that he was the father and was so ordered to get a standard blood test(before "D.N.A")and would have to pay back the money that was given to the mother from the state.

The results of the blood test would returned from the lab 5 to 6 weeks later after the initial test. One day after that blood test, he(the cop) was told by the mother that she knew the results of the blood test. The mother admitted that she had a girlfriend that worked in the courthouse where the results would eventually be sent to. The mother stated that the results would be 99.98% probability that Cop fathered the child. One week passed and the mother stated that she had the results back(actual paperwork) from the courts stating her previous premonition percentage was correct 99.98%. The cop responded to the courthouse on week two and asked a supervisor if the results were in and they were not...strange huh. Weeks 3,4,and 5 passed with the Cop responding and checking on the results to no avail.

On week 6, the actual results came in,but they were missing from the file, it was found on the desk of the mothers girlfriend and guess what it was 99.98%

The Cop went back to the same lab and requested a DNA test(two years later)the child and the Cop only this time, the test was negative stating that the cop was not the father. The Director of the lab asked to have a conference with the cop and offered to retake the test, with a worried look on her face. "Since we had taken both test and the reults were so drastically different, we'll do it again o.k. This woman would show me the paperwork from across the desk but refuse to let me handle the document. The Director advised me to come back in a few weeks for the results. Guess what the results were...positive. The Director would not deliver the news directly, but have a technician give me the news. The tech would say that they made an error with the first DNA test and that the child is mine.... continuation later.......

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What A Story!!
by: Child Support America Team Member

"WOW Shawn" what a story. We look forward to the continuation. When you are ready to share part two, you can respond via this post.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing this continued story.


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