A Custodial Parent who needs help enforcing/collecting support

by A Custodial Parent

There is a big difference between can’t pay and won’t pay. My ex-husband of 15 years came home without warning said he didn’t want our family anymore because we did not do a good job loving him and he has found someone else that he loves. He deserted me and our 2 children when I had no income due to the downturn in the real estate market (I was a full time Realtor for 10 years).

My ex-husband has over 10 years driving experience and had an income of $55,000 plus.

He walked away leaving me with a home I can’t pay for, no car, no other place to live, and has vowed that he will do whatever necessary to avoid paying court ordered child support and spousal support which includes being underemployed, manipulating the court systems, and not putting his assets in his name.

I was 100% committed to being a good wife, unfortunately my ex-husband did not feel the same way about me and cannot separate his dislike for me from doing what’s in the best interest of our children.

Each time my ex-husband has been found in willful contempt, within 7 days or less his post the purge payment. In the best interest of our 2 children I need the support to provide for my children. I am not sure when the real estate market will turn around. I am seeking a career change to support my children and myself.

Everyone that knows me personally knows I am 100% committed to doing what’s best for our children and will not misuse the support. At the end of the day, is it in the best interest of the children to not "assist" the Mother with support? The children’s financial needs can’t be put on hold while the Father lives his life with little to no responsibility....Is that fair to the children?

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