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August 2011 Issue #015

Table of Contents for this issue:

  • The Truth About Flexible Child Support.
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  • How To Become A V.I.P. Member.
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  • Child Support Celebrity News!
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The Truth About Flexible Child Support

The Truth About Flexible Child Support

written by: Susan M. Brazas for

What is Flexible Child Support?

  • Flexible child support" is sometimes requested when future finances are unknown
  • Many states have a certain income percentage required for child support
  • Only when showing "a significant change in circumstances" is an increase in court-ordered child support allowed

Just as we read stories about celebrity first-time mothers, we read about bitter battles over child support and custody among the rich and famous. Of course, the same stories can be told about ordinary people who aren't in the celebrity spotlight.

The now-famous single dad, Levi Johnston, was ordered to pay Bristol Palin more than $1,200 per month in child support for their child, born shortly after Sarah Palin's run for the vice-presidency.

Flexible Child Support

Headlines said Levi Johnston, asked that flexible child support be allowed for the support he must provide for his infant son. An Alaska judge ordered Johnston to pay $1,750 per month for child support based on Johnston's projected annual income of more than $110,000.

However, as in any child support case, attorneys for both parents will dig and search for all pertinent information about the other parent's income and assets. Bristol Palin's lawyer asked the judge to order Johnston to turn over contracts he received from the various magazines in which he's appeared. Palin's lawyer is searching for more data about how much income Johnston can expect to receive in the coming years.

It's not surprising that Johnston is asking that the amount be "flexible." No one can predict whether Johnston's 15 minutes of fame will stretch on for years. How he handles fame and fortune, and how well his agent and manager handle his money, will impact his financial future.

Laws Requiring Child Support

Each state differs as to how much child support must be paid by one parent to the other parent who's the primary caregiver. The Alaska requirement is 20 percent of annual income for one child.

Many factors go into the total calculation of child support:

  • Income of both parents
  • Percentage of time the child lives with each parent
  • Number of children born to each parent, and the birth order
  • Timing and amount of any other child support orders as to other children

"Deadbeat dads" have led to some extremely harsh penalties for parents who don't pay child support, especially where a large amount is due. In many states, such as Wisconsin, parents who don't pay can be jailed for several months. They sometimes have permission to leave jail to go to and from work, but sometimes they don't.

The state where the child resides, or has resided for most of the time, will most likely be the state where a court will make decisions on who pays child support, and how much. However, if the child or the parents previously lived in a different state when child support was first requested or ordered, that state could continue to oversee child support.

A Significant Change in Circumstances

Once a judge orders a parent to pay a certain amount per month for child support, the order generally stays in place until the child reaches 18 or has completed college. However, if the parent can show that a "significant change in circumstances" has occurred, then the judge may change the amount of monthly child support, or even the identity of which parent must pay.

Examples of such cases would include:

  • The paying parent becoming unemployed
  • Having a significant reduction in income
  • Becoming disabled, or unable to work
  • One parent having higher income or a more luxurious lifestyle
  • When the percentage of time the child resides with each parent changes

The other standard applies as well. Just because a child is accustomed to living in a certain style, doesn't automatically mean the child will be supported in the same way, but the judge will consider many factors.

Questions for Your Attorney

  • There's a court order requiring me to pay child support. Can the amount change if I sell my business and make a lot more money?
  • Are child support orders public information?
  • If my situation changes, how long should I wait to seek an adjustment in support? If the court changes the amount, when does it take effect?

What Celebrity Is In The Child Support News................

Linda Evangelista Seeks Hefty Child Support From Salma Hayek's Husband

Linda Evangelista is seeking $46,000 a month in child support from Francois-Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek's husband and the father of Evanglista's 4-year-old son Augustin James.

The model appeared at the Manhattan Family Court on Monday (August 1) to ask for the amount, which judge Matthew Troy noted would be record-breaking. "That would probably be the largest support order in the history of the Family Court," he said.

So how would the money be spent?

According to Evangelista's lawyer, it would cover full-time nannies at $80,000-a-year and armed bodyguards, which costs upwards of $175,000-a-year. Considering Pinault's estimated $11.5 billion fortune it wouldn't be a hardship on him, but enough to cause the judge to query Evangelista on how many days a week she works.

The 46-year-old said the expenses were necessary in order to keep up her stunning looks to maintain her career. "On days when I do not work, I am working on my image", she said. "I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image just like an athlete."

Pinault's lawyer turned a deaf ear, arguing that the expenditures were unnecessary and that Evangelista could well afford the costs herself. "She testified that she wants to have a 24-hour nanny because she does not want to be alone with the child," complained Pinaut's lawyer, David Aronson.

"Ms. Evangelista, you should understand, has a worth of more than $8 million, and she earned last year $1.8 million," he continued.

Pinault - the chief executive of PPR, the group which owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta - has not paid any support to Augustin since his birth.

Surprisingly, the judge was sympathetic to Evangelista's appeal, saying: "These are the extraordinary expenses that may be a part of the child's life. And if there is a trial in the support case with a lot of publicity, there will probably be a need for two detectives to drive this kid around."

Evangelista, who had initially refused to reveal her baby daddy's identity, conceived Augustin in early 2006 with Pinault during his breakup with then-girlfriend Hayek. Linda Evangelista is seeking $46,000 a month in child support from Francois-Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek's husband and the father of Evanglista's 4-year-old son Augustin James.

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