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August 2011 Issue #015

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  • The Truth About The Deadbeat Law.
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The Truth About The Deadbeat Dad Law

The Truth About The Deadbeat Dad Law

By Susan Echaore-McDavid, eHow Contributor

What Is the Deadbeat Dad Law?

Nonpayment of child custody is a federal crime. It is also a federal offense for parents to deliberately cross state lines to evade making child support payments. In 1998, the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act, or Public Law No. 105-187, established that parents who willfully fail to pay child support may be committing a felony. Some people call this legislation the "Deadbeat Dad Law" but it refers to all noncustodial parents---moms and dads---who do not fulfill their legal obligations.

Child Support

Child support is the amount of money that noncustodial parents are required to pay the parents (or guardians or caretakers) who have physical custody of their children. Parents are granted custody through court orders that are a result of divorce settlements, paternity findings or family proceedings. Depending on the state, noncustodial parents pay child support until the children turn 18 or 21. The money is used to pay for the basic needs of the children. The child support awards are determined by family courts, which take into consideration the incomes of all adults involved in a case.

Deadbeat Parents

Deadbeat dad, deadbeat mom, and deadbeat parents are all terms used to describe noncustodial parents who willfully evade paying child support. Although officials and authorities may use these words in legislation or court, they are not legal terms. They are slang words that, over time, have become acceptable by the public to describe parents who do not comply with their legal obligations to support their minor children.

Child Support Enforcement

The federal and state government agencies work closely together to help custodial parents collect child support that is legally obligated to them. For example, child support may be withheld from the noncustodial parents' paychecks, their tax refund checks may be applied to child support, liens may be placed on their real property or their driver's licenses may be revoked. Every state has child custody support enforcement agencies that help custodial parents collect child support.

Fines and Imprisonment

Under the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act, noncustodial parents may be prosecuted if they have unpaid payments of more than $5,000 or if they have not made payments for more than one year. If noncustodial parents have not been making payments for more than two years, or if the total of their unpaid payments is greater than $10,000, the courts can fine or imprison them, or do both. Imprisonment for the first offense is six months, and two years for every following offense.

Other Federal Laws

In 1975, Congress established the Child Support Enforcement Program to make sure that children receive financial support from noncustodial parents. Federal enforcement of out-of-state noncustodial parents became possible when Congress passed the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992. Violations of this measure were misdemeanors until the enactment of the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act. Under this act, felony charges can be made against lawbreakers.

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What Celebrity Is In The Child Support News................

Jermaine Jackson Has License Confiscated Over Child Support

Jermaine Jackson, brother of the late Michael Jackson, is having his driver's license confiscated due to his inability to pay back child support. Jackson allegedly owes his ex-wife, Alejandra Jackson, over $91,921 in child support payments.

According to court documents filed in the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department, Jackson won't be allowed to drive again until the child support is paid in full.

Jackson told the courts that he can no longer afford to pay $3,000 per month in child support for his two sons, Jaafar and Jermajesty. He has asked the judge to cut his payments down to $215 per month, arguing that his ex-wife makes more money than he does.

Currently, Jackson lives with his mother, rent free. He married Alejandra in 1995 and divorced her in 2004.

I am certainly the first to challenge the draconian nature of child support laws in America. Non-custodial parents who can't afford to come up with money every month risk being sent to jail or being publicly humiliated. I am an 18-year veteran of the child support system, and found myself consistently frustrated with the magnitude of my payments, as well as the lack of accountability regarding where the money was going every month. Additionally, the child support courts don't put nearly as much energy into keeping families together as they put into collecting money you may not have.

But when it comes to the case of Jermaine Jackson, there appears to be a serious problem. First, the mere comedy of a 55-year old man living with his mother rent free is incomprehensible. One would hope that his family would demand that he grow up at some point. Secondly, $215 per month is the amount of child support I paid when I was a 20-year old college student earning minimum wage on a part-time job. Oh yeah, that was just for one child, not two, and that was nearly 20 years ago, when the cost of living was a little more than half of what it is today. I also lived in Kentucky, where the cost of living is much lower than it is in California, where Jackson resides. Doesn't Jermaine Jackson belong to one of the richest and most powerful entertainment families in the history of the world? I'm just asking.

Finally, there is the broader lesson about having children for whom we cannot afford to provide. While I'm sure Jackson took great pride in giving his children creative names like Jermajesty, audaciously implying that they are the sons of royalty, one would hope that he would realize that being a true king means making a sincere effort to provide for your family. Jackson arguing that he should pay a ridiculously low amount of child support just because their mother earns more than he does makes him look that much more pathetic. The amount of money he's proposing can't even cover half the food they eat every month.

It almost seems that, like so many other entertainers and athletes across America, Jermaine Jackson has trapped his mind in perpetual childhood. He seems to exist in a world where a man can live with his mama until retirement, spending all of his time hanging out in the studio waiting for his next big break. Jackson is not alone in this mentality, for there are hundreds of thousands of other former ballers, singers, dancers and actors living with an unfulfilled entertainment dream, refusing to wake up to the realities of adulthood. It's ironic that one of Jermaine Jackson's greatest hits was a song called "Let's Get Serious." When I read this story about a 55-year old man from an entertainment family that's earned hundreds of millions of dollars living with his mama and trying to pay just $215 per month in child support for two children, I want to write a song called "Are You Serious?" Perhaps it's time for Jermaine to get serious and start taking care of his kids.

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