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Welcome to the Child Support America News. Happy Thanksgiving! This is our Fifth issue and we are excited to share more child support information with you. We will be exploring Child Support Services this month. Stay tuned for our monthly contests, latest news and so much more. Regardless of what end of the Child Support spectrum you are on, we are here to help.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Issue #005

Table of Contents for this issue:

  • We will explore some Child Support Services in detail this month.
  • We had high demands for this last month so we will talk about it again this month! Learn more about our Legal Plan... You do not want to be without it.
  • Child Support News! What celebrity or athlete is in the news for child support issues....... You won't believe it!
  • Our "Turkey Day" contest will be announced!

Child Support Services

There are many free child support services you can take advantage of by contacting your local agency. We know first hand how difficult it can be to take care of your children, so allow us to help you along the way. Below we have provided four free services for parents and guardians offered at your local child support office. Services may vary from state to state.

Parent Locating

  • If you do not know where the non residential parent is located, your local child support agency will try to find the physical whereabouts of the non residential parent. This is to establish paternity. Your local agency may use information obtained from the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Hopefully this will help to locate the other party, to enforce the current child support order.

Establishing Paternity

“Paternity establishment refers to the legal determination of being named as a child's father."
  • Your local child support agency can help to establish paternity of the child in question. This process is normally available until the child is 23 years old. Ages may vary from state to state, so check your local child support agency for the correct age restrictions. Even if the other party lives in another country or state, you can still use any of these paternity services.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

  • Once you establish paternity your local child support agency can help you obtain an order based on both parent’s income. Be sure to be honest. It can hurt you in the long run if you are dishonest concerning income and employment.

Medical Support

  • Check your local agency to see if your child/children qualify to receive health insurance from the non-custodial parent. This can only occur if the health insurance coverage is available and affordable through the obligor’s employer.

Need information on how to modify a current order? Check out our child support Modifications page for details.

As we stated in other sections on our site, it’s always better to contact the other party to resolve certain issues. If all possible don’t allow the system to decide for you. Of course if you cannot locate the other party or you simply can’t agree feel free to use the child support services mentioned above.

Learn More about our Legal Plan

Having a child support lawyer in your corner can be a good thing. You might be thinking….. I can’t afford an attorney. Well that’s where we can help.

We will discuss this shortly....

Our Child Support America team is amazed at the emails we receive for people who need legal help with their child support situation. We hear stories of all kinds, from both custodial and non-custodial parents alike. Some of the stories are heart wrenching.

That’s why we decided to work in partnership with a legal service to assist people just like you. We wanted to help good people who have a lot of problems, but not a lot of money to solve them. Our child support lawyer legal program is very affordable and has helped thousands of clients including one of our own.

Listen to a true story from one of our team members ....

Hello all, my name is Doug and I am a staff member of the Child Support America.com team. I just wanted to share my personal story of how our legal service has helped me with a serious child support situation I once had.

I have two different child support cases. Both cases were opened in Ohio. In 1997 my oldest son and his mother moved back to Virginia to be closer to her family. This is when my nightmare began. Although my case was originally opened in Ohio, My son’s mother opened another case in the state of Virginia.

This is called an interstate case and is perfectly legal. In a nutshell, an interstate case is when one party moves to another state and both states work together to ensure child support is paid and received. This caused a major problem for me that only a child support lawyer could resolve.

Here’s what happened....

For ten years the Virginia child support agency was not aware that I had received a modification on my original Ohio order. So they were reporting on my credit that I owed almost $14,000 in back child support better known as arrears.

I had received a modification in Ohio, but my case worker never forwarded that information to my case worker in Virginia. They simply kept adding the old child support amount to my balance for years and then reported it every month to the credit bureaus. Not only did this negatively affect my credit, it appeared that I had two different cases even though it was for the same child. On my credit report it looked like I had a case in Ohio and a case in Virginia.

This made me look terrible when I applied for jobs, and when I was trying to get loans. That mistake haunted me for years and I didn’t even know it until about a year ago. It was very serious and I needed help fast.

I contacted a local child support lawyer in my city. He told me that my situation was complicated and that I needed to consult with an attorney in Virginia. This was way over my head and way too expensive to say the least. I felt overwhelmed and it seemed like I would lose this battle. I almost gave up, until I came across an affordable legal plan that changed everything.

Sign up for our V.I.P. Membership today to learn how you can get this legal plan for yourself.

In The News................

Michael Jackson's Doctor Unable to Pay Child Support!

LAS VEGAS — The doctor being investigated in Michael Jackson's death told a court he can't afford to pay $13,000 in child support and other debts because he was forced to close his medical practice after physical threats against him and his staff, according to court documents obtained Friday.

A family court in Las Vegas set a Nov. 16 hearing to consider a recommendation that Dr. Conrad Murray be arrested for not appearing in court this month to explain the unpaid support. A ruling on the recommendation had been expected this week, but Murray's lawyer Chris Aaron objected, saying in court documents the 56-year-old doctor didn't receive notice of the hearing.

Murray wasn't in Nevada and his mail was being forwarded to his closed office, the lawyer said.

Murray said in a signed affidavit written in the third person that "your affiant was forced to close his office because of numerous threats of physical violence to himself and his staff. Your affiant initially accepted employment from Michael Jackson with the intention of paying the instant obligation, as well as others, with the additional income."

The affidavit was notarized Oct. 15 in Los Angeles County, Calif.

Aaron said Murray never received any compensation from Jackson. The recession and media coverage of the pop singer's death also were blamed for Murray's financial problems.

It was not immediately clear whether Clark County District Attorney David Roger would fight the objection over the arrest recommendation. His office said he planned to file a response by Monday. Roger previously said he planned to ask the state medical board to suspend Murray's license. Nevada laws allow prosecutors to go after professional licenses belonging to those behind on child support.

Murray had serious financial problems when he signed on in May at $150,000 a month to serve as Jackson's personnel physician through a series of comeback shows planned in London, according to court records. The cardiologist owed at least $780,000 for settlements against his business, outstanding mortgage payments on his house, delinquent student loans, child support and credit cards.

An ongoing homicide investigation by Los Angeles police is focused on Murray, who told investigators he administered a powerful anesthetic to Jackson shortly before he died June 25. No charges have been filed.

Our Thanksgiving "Turkey Day" Contest!

In honor of "Turkey Day" we are doing a Fun contest. We would like to hear who has the best story about how Child Support "GOBBLED" up your money. For example did you wake up and check your bank account and Child Support took money out of your account? (Yes this can happen if there was a lien placed for arreages on you.) Did Child Support take all of your income taxes? and if so how much was it? We want to hear all about it!

The winner will receive a free Ebay E-book. This book has secrets For Buying and Selling on Ebay. It was wrote by a staff member and retails for $12.00.
So Enter Your "Gobbled" Up Amount Here!

Our December 2009 Christmas E-zine will feature:

  • We will explore Child Support Enforcement in details. Learn the truth!
  • Child Support news! What celebrity or athlete is in the news for child support issues.......
  • Our Christmas Contest will be announced and our "Turkey Day" contest winners revealed!

Thanks For Reading and See You Next month!


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