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Welcome to the Child Support America News. This is our second issue and we are excited to share more child support information with you. We will be running monthly contests, report the latest laws and news and so much more. Regardless of what end of the child support spectrum you are on, we are here to help.

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Our Second Issue! Issue #002

Table of Contents for this issue:

  • Are you having visitation issues? We are here to give you some advice and tips on what you can do to resolve conflict.
  • We have found a great site to pass along where you can talk to a "live" attorney and ask your Child Support questions..........
  • Child Support News! What celebrity or athlete is in the news for child support issues....... This month R and B singer..... Bobby Brown. Yes again, learn more! Also you will never believe how much an actor was ordered to pay in child support... It will shock you!
  • The July contest winner is revealed. Thanks to all who entered their slogans! Our August 2009 Contest is announced!

Are You Having Visitation Issues?

Many parents don’t understand that child support and visitation are not one and the same. Although child support should and must be paid, most states separate visitation from paying support. This means that a non-custodial parent has the right to see their children, even if they are not supporting them financially. This issue may be controversial, but must be respected.

Unfortunately some residential parents have the “you must pay to play” mentality when it comes to the kids. The children are innocent and should not be held hostage from either parent. Oftentimes, they don’t understand what child support and visitation is all about. They simply love mom and dad, and want both parties to be active parents in their lives. Keep adult business in its proper place.

If there is an issue with receiving child support, there is proper legal protocol to follow. If there is communication with the other party, contact them to express your concerns concerning a lack of financially responsibility. Give them a chance to explain their situation, or circumstance and make a decision accordingly. Child support has to paid, but when both parties are in agreement things can be worked out in a positive manner.

If you are not in good communication, or cannot locate the non-residential parent, you will have to contact child support to establish an order.

Another important aspect of child support and visitation, is to obtain a court ordered visitation schedule if you are the non-custodial parent. If you do not have this order, you don’t have any rights in certain states. A court ordered parenting time schedule establishes neutral ground. It creates a fair plan of action for both parents to abide by. There are certain pick up and drop off times for both parties. There is also a set standard on summer vacations, and holidays as well.

Having this order may eliminate various arguments, because everything is set in stone. But there are some exceptions to this rule. Most courts would rather that both parents simply work things out without having to abide by the order. It’s better if it can work out this way, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Sometimes it’s best to religiously go by the court ordered schedule to avoid any confrontation. This is true, especially when the children are present.

Some Benefits of having a court ordered schedule are as follows:

  1. The non-custodial parent can have access to all school, health, or agency records or reports that are related to and concerning the child(ren);
  2. The non-residential parent can visit any child day care center which the child attends.
  3. The non-custodial parent can attend any student activity in which the child(ren) participate.

So keep these factors in mind when dealing with child support and visitation issues. Children don’t understand the full scope of the situation, and this is adult business. They need both parents in their lives if all possible. This will give them a better chance to grow up as mature and healthy adults. Always remember that the kids are your number one priority. Be sure that your planning and decisions are pleasing to them.

Do You Have Any Questions Concerning Child Support To Ask An Attorney?

Here at CSA we always want to share great information with all of you. We found a great site where you can chat with a LIVE attorney and ask questions. This would be great if you have any Child Support questions. So click below:

Just Answer.Com

In The News................

Bobby Brown in Child Support trouble....AGAIN!

Also..Eddie Murphy ordered to pay Mel B a Child Support amount.... You will never guess how much!

American R'n'B singer Bobby Brown with soul singer Whitney Houston pa.press.net

An arrest warrant has been issued for Bobby Brown after he failed to appear in a US court on a contempt complaint.

Judge Christina Harms ordered that the singer be arrested the next time he is in Massachusetts.

Register of Probate Patrick McDermott said that by June, Brown had fallen US $45,000 behind in child support payments for the two teenage children he had with former girlfriend Kim Ward.

The 40-year-old, the former husband of soul diva Whitney Houston, is supposed to pay US $5,500 in child support per month for the children.

Brown was jailed for four days in 2007 for failing to make the payments.

Eddie Murphy Ordered To Pay $50,000 A Month In CHILD SUPPORT To Mel B … $5,000 Less Than NAS IS PAYING KELIS!!! –

MediaTakeOut.com™ 2009

WOW! Is that amount really considered child support?

Our July Winner is announced! Our August contest is here!

Who Had The best Child Support Slogan?

We would like to thank all of you for your entries in the best Child Support Slogan Contest. They were all great! Our winning slogan was submitted by Anthony and here it is...

"If Child Support calls.........tell her the Check is in the mail."

Congratulations Anthony! Thanks again for all who entered. We are now going to announce our August 2009 contest!

This month we want to hear who has The MOST Disturbing Child Support Situation. We here at Child Support America care, and want to listen! The winner will receive a free Ebay E-book. This book has secrets For Buying and Selling on Ebay. It was wrote by a staff member and retails for $12.00. So Enter Your Story Today!

Our September 2009 e-zine will feature:

  • The V.I.P. Memberships are here! You will want to sign up and get yours. Learn all the details!
  • Are you having issues concerning back child support? We can help.
  • Child Support news! What celebrity or athlete is in the news for child support issues.......
  • Our September contest will be announced and our August winners revealed!

See You Next month!


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