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Welcome to the Child Support America News. Happy Valentine's Day! This is our Sixth issue and we are excited to share more child support information with you. We will be exploring Child Support Enforcement Information this month. Stay tuned for our monthly contests, latest news and so much more. Regardless of what end of the Child Support spectrum you are on, we are here to help.

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Happy Valentine's Day Issue #006

Table of Contents for this issue:

  • Let's talk about Child Support Enforcement!
  • We had high demands for this last month so we will talk about it again this month! Learn more about our Legal Plan... You do not want to be without it.
  • Child Support News! What celebrity or athlete is in the news for child support issues....... You won't believe it!
  • We want to hear your Child Support Situation. We care!

Child Support Enforcement Information

There are several aspects of child support enforcement. Keep in mind that regulations and laws on enforcing child support orders vary by state and county. No matter what you hear please be sure to always check with your local child support agency for enforcement details. Enforcing an order starts with applying for one. So whether obligor or obligee, if you are unmarried, or divorced we recommend that you establish an order right away. This can prevent problems down the line. As we have mentioned in other sections of this site, try to mutually agree on the specifics of your support order. If you don’t, the child support system or the courts will decide for you. If all possible keep the ball in your court.

The next part of child support enforcement can get a little ugly. This is when the obligor is not keeping up with his or her monthly obligation. This can mean that a person owes arrearages or it can mean they are simply neglecting to pay anything at all. In years past some government officials came up with the name dead beat dads for any father who failed to keep up with their child support payments. You may often see mug shots of men on poster boards and other ads representing the dead beat dad term.

This is when the courts along with the child support system will go after individuals of this nature. Failing to support a child financially hurts. Not only does it hurt the child or children involved, it will hurt the person who has the obligation. Although the stiffness of consequences varies from state to state the penalties can be harsh. Does suspending someone’s drivers license or putting them in jail solve the problem? We just wanted to ask that question and get some wheels spinning. Regardless of our opinion or your own, taking care of your children should be the top priority.

Do what you can to avoid these and other problems within the child support system? Our goal is to educate and inspire both parties to do the right thing. Our four member team has pretty much seen it all. Having input from two women and two men can really put things in perspective. So continue to look around for information pertaining to general child support issues along with child support enforcement.

Learn More about our Legal Plan

Having a child support lawyer in your corner can be a good thing. You might be thinking….. I can’t afford an attorney. Well that’s where we can help.

We will discuss this shortly....

Our Child Support America team is amazed at the emails we receive for people who need legal help with their child support situation. We hear stories of all kinds, from both custodial and non-custodial parents alike. Some of the stories are heart wrenching.

That’s why we decided to work in partnership with a legal service to assist people just like you. We wanted to help good people who have a lot of problems, but not a lot of money to solve them. Our child support lawyer legal program is very affordable and has helped thousands of clients including one of our own.

Listen to a true story from one of our team members ....

Hello all, my name is Doug and I am a staff member of the Child Support America.com team. I just wanted to share my personal story of how our legal service has helped me with a serious child support situation I once had.

I have two different child support cases. Both cases were opened in Ohio. In 1997 my oldest son and his mother moved back to Virginia to be closer to her family. This is when my nightmare began. Although my case was originally opened in Ohio, My son’s mother opened another case in the state of Virginia.

This is called an interstate case and is perfectly legal. In a nutshell, an interstate case is when one party moves to another state and both states work together to ensure child support is paid and received. This caused a major problem for me that only a child support lawyer could resolve.

Here’s what happened....

For ten years the Virginia child support agency was not aware that I had received a modification on my original Ohio order. So they were reporting on my credit that I owed almost $14,000 in back child support better known as arrears.

I had received a modification in Ohio, but my case worker never forwarded that information to my case worker in Virginia. They simply kept adding the old child support amount to my balance for years and then reported it every month to the credit bureaus. Not only did this negatively affect my credit, it appeared that I had two different cases even though it was for the same child. On my credit report it looked like I had a case in Ohio and a case in Virginia.

This made me look terrible when I applied for jobs, and when I was trying to get loans. That mistake haunted me for years and I didn’t even know it until about a year ago. It was very serious and I needed help fast.

I contacted a local child support lawyer in my city. He told me that my situation was complicated and that I needed to consult with an attorney in Virginia. This was way over my head and way too expensive to say the least. I felt overwhelmed and it seemed like I would lose this battle. I almost gave up, until I came across an affordable legal plan that changed everything.

Sign up for our V.I.P. Membership today to learn how you can get this legal plan for yourself.

In The News................

Bristol Palin is demanding $1,750 a month in child support from Levi Johnston

Yes the daughter of the famous Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin - who recently proclaimed "I’m not going to have sex until I’m married" - . Bristol is demanding retroactive pay since the birth of their son Tripp on December 27, 2008, according to court documents filed Thursday in Alaska, TMZ reports.

Reportedly, Bristol, 19, believes Levi, also 19, has earned "in excess of $105,000 in 2009 through various media interviews and modeling related activities."

In a sworn statement, the teen mother said, "I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi." Bristol goes on to say that Levi has only given her $4,400 over the 13 months of Tripp's life: $3,000 on September 9, 2009, and $1,400 on December 19.

Levi's manager, Tank Jones, tells TMZ Levi has paid Bristol more than $10,000 since Tripp was born. Jones also says Levi does not make money from every interview he does, though he did not say exactly how much Levi has made.

Last November, Bristol filed for full legal and physical custody of Tripp.

Politics......Who knew ;0)

We want to hear your Child Support Situation. We care!

Tell us your child support situation! We want to hear all about your issues. Remember when you share your story, it becomes a live page on our site! Other readers may see your story and may find help or even be encouraged. So you see, your voice matters. Anyone who shares will benefit with a free gift. We here at CSA care and want to help you. You can help by paying it forward!

Any story shared will receive a free Ebay E-book. This book has secrets For Buying and Selling on Ebay. It was wrote by a staff member and retails for $12.00.
So Share Your Situation Here!

Our March 2010 E-zine will feature:

  • We are going to explore some Child Support Information that you really need to know! Always be informed.
  • Child Support news! What celebrity or athlete is in the news for child support issues.......
  • We will announce a March "Madness" contest that you are going to Love!

Thanks For Reading and See You Next month!


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