50000 in child support arrears

by Anita

Kids are grown, one father paid every dime he owed..the first father did everything possible, lied, cheated,re- married a woman working county office. did everything to offset investigations to not pay..he owes 50,000 plus and just went on ssi...can i still go after money that she have helped raise my daughter but i had to pay instead?is there a statue of limitation on deadbeat fathers or mothers that skip out on thier obligations?? Hes in Calif, im in wa state. Been told that doesn't make a difference, in fact helps. how? I spent year working dbl time to pay my part and then his too since he didnt. I have been told that now that i do now where he is i can go after him for the arrears. Also ben advised to just place a lien against him and his for the agreed court amt and wait it out..Also been told child support one bill that doesnt just dissapear with time and ive also been told maybe not--he's on ssi now ...need to decide what to do.

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