50 K in the Child Support HOLE!!

by Kevin

Sigh...I have two angels 10 and 9, am the father of "6" by 3 different women and I have never been taken to court by any of them, but I have taken myself on all three!!! Why? I love my kids they are my life, and I want them to be able to look up to their dad, now I wasn't always this way mind you!

I was wild!! Parties, fighting, womanizer, my own worst enemy! lol...my kids, my kids changed me seemingly overnight. So my story, is my oldest chose to live with me, yay, I'm locked in a custody battle with my ex-wife over our three boys as when we separated she decided to play "21" again she is 34 and I have learned our laws to the extent as a Pro Se litigant I've won two full hearings and have gained a substantial respect with the judge and now fear no attorney.

The Laws are fairly easy to learn and understand if you have any common sense, as long as you learn the lingo and those weird Latin terms But when I left,hmmm....all that went out the door, and she hates that our older daughter is well attached to her dad even states as she has since like 4 years of age she wants to live with her dad! Well she never took me to court, and over the years there were hard times and good financial times, well now she has a third with a real piece and of course he don't like me around.

Problems came immediately,communication is gone, she refuses to talk about important issues as they pertain to the kids, so I went to the court to secure my rights, and low and behold they figured in my current pay and because as we found she was using public aid, years back to get the max she could she claimed she couldn't find me and they figured I owed 30k add 10% interest annually and now I owe 50k!!! she lied to the states attorney and said I never raised a finger to help!!

I was shocked she did that as I'd keep the kids weeks at a time and every week and weekends, bought closes, etc.....So I said whatever only she can waive the arrears. Anyways that was about a year ago, now she has the same job for the last 12 years at a mom and pop fast food joint and doesn't want to leave, no benefits, at all! dude hasnt worked in almost three years, and they have a 4 year old, my money goes towards his kid and him, and I know I have no say in that so its whatever.

However I work for a family owned salvage yard a successful one, great pay, 401k, aflac through the job in the event I or any of the kids are injured, health insurance for me and all the kids, dental for me and all the kids, and I pay for insurance for 5 of the 6, I don't receive support as I asked the courts to grant it to me for my oldest and the judge....get this said I have to give him a good reason as to why he should make her pay!! oh wow!!

Not to worry I will get it! So I ask that dummy to waive the support arrears because so much is being deducted I have barely enough to pay rent,food,gas, etc. I have a great woman who stands by me and loves my kids thank god!! lol...And I tell the dummy " hey waive the arrears and I'll put 1500-2000 in an account for our kids every year for college" in addition to what I provide for them now, cause I'm only paying $5 bi-weekly towards the arrears, which is a waste due to the interest that continues to acrue it will never go down. And what does she say "no" I need all I can get!!!

What!!! If she croaks tomorrow we will get zero contributions from her and she's not even thinking about their future smh, I wonder if there is another way to get rid of it so as to better use this money for my kids, as so far the law seems to say only she can waive it.

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