4 kids and a deadbeat dad

by Maryanne Vannoy
(Canton, Oh, USA)

We were married for 9 years and produced 4 children. My husband had told me right from the beginning that he would take care of us. The only thing he took care of was himself. he is an alcoholic. I think he lives in the Haven of Rest in Akron, Ohio, but not sure. We divorced in Feb 2008. divorce papers state that he is to pay $238 a month for 4 kids. has not paid anything.

He didn't even show up for the hearing, which made it a long drawn out process.The IRS interrupted his tax return and sent it to me last year, which was almost $1000. he still owes roughly $6800.I have not spoke to him in 3 years. My oldest son has spoke to him 3 times in 3 years.I was told by my caseworker that because he lives in a shelter that he is not obligated to pay anything even though he works, sometimes. Are my kids ever going to see any support from him? Is there any way for my children to receive payment via his social security or does he have to be dead first? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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