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I am the custodial parent my case was filed in 1999 through my private attorney. My ex husband had another child and the child support case was filed for that one in 02. Well somehow the 2nd person with the 2nd kid has received more child support than me.

I was awarded $145 weekly and she was awarded $159 weekly well he doesn't pay anything for my kid and i was married to him, he helped raise his child from me for 7 years. The 2nd person he had a child with was a one night stand the IRS intercepted his tax return i received $915.0 and she received $2,333.00.

In my divorce decree it states i get his tax refunds due to arrears but somehow once again she received more than my child did? Can i get anything done about this? he moved to pa and didn't let child support know, can I file a contempt charge on him?

How do i get abandonment charges on him because he has abandoned his child that i had (the first child)this has been such a mess!!! He owes me over $17,000 in child support and he owes her more in child support but when i do an income deduction from whatever job hes working at the time she gets the same amount from his paycheck and i do all of the work...


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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Misty,

Thanks for sharing. It all comes down to the system. When there are multiple cases open for multiple children this can happen. Honestly, you could get some legal help to make sure that Child Support and the IRS are aware of your divorce decree. Have you tried discussing this with your child support caseworker?


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