18 Year Old Child

by Melissa
(Sioux City Iowa)

My daughter will turn 18 years old July 10, 2010. I got a letter from Child Support Recovery stating her support will end as of her 18th birthday due to her year being born 1992. And the law evidently has changed since 1996 to the age of 18 or until graduated from HS which my daughter will May, 2011.

Do I really need to get a new court order to continue this support thru May 2011 as she's still living at home and plans to until completion of HS then to college next Fall. Please tell me there's an easier way than to pay an attorney for 10 months of support.


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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Melissa,

Yes you will need to get a court order. The laws have changed in each state. Unless a divorce decree stated otherwise.


18 y/o
by: Anonymous

My X went to court in CA and filed fake papers that Ben had graduated HS early and there fore did not qualify for anymore child support. Ben's Child support was stopped aprox 2 months early because of these fake papers presented to the court.. He now wants a DNA test after all these years to prove he is his son. Ben is now 20 can we have the court be in charge of the DNA test. Ben's father is his Dad. I have no problem with the test. But my X says he wants to be in charge. Any advice? Thank You, Laura

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