17 Yrs of Arrearages wiped clean by hearing officer

by Fran
(Phila, Pa)

My daughter is a month shy of 18, her father started collecting welfare ( as a way to avoid paying support)off and on during the last 17 yrs. He was able to hold a job prior to having a child. As of approx. 7 yrs ago he applied and gets ssi. I have presented to the courts numerous times proof the father owned and operated a window cleaning service under the table... pics of the business name/number customers..etc..and the father was caught in lies in front of a Master of the courts about his income in which time the Master ordered 500 a month in support ) 400 to child 100 to arrears). He was picked up on bench warrarnts through the years for contempt.

Father and I made agreement since child is 18 in April and NOT attending school that he shouldnt pay future support although we made an agreement on 150.00 on arrearages owed. We went to court on March 3 2012, in front of a hearing officer and she then stated that since the father was collecting welfare/ssi that ALL arrearages are NOT owed and she wiped them out suggesting if i didnt agree i needed to wait for letter in mail to appeal her decision.

I am so confused on how she was able to overrule a judge and a masters decisions on support order. I cant afford an atty and i would love to know where to look or where to go to get the answers that i need..ANY help would be appreciated!!! I am at my wits end with the Philadelphia court system !!

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