17 year old son now lives with father

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On Feb 14th 2012 my son moved out of his mother's house against the mothers will to live with me. She has custody of him. The court and local police knows he moved in with me and there's nothing legally they are going to do about it, hes 17 and an adult in the state of Michigan.

The only things is child support is still being taken out of my check weekly. I understand I may request child support from the mother, but i only would like for the child support to stop coming out of my weekly check. I do not have any back child support fees and do not owe the mother any back child support. What steps would i have to take to get the child support stopped.

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Stopping Child Support
by: CSA Team Member

Hello Sir,

Child support will need to be stopped through the courts. You will need an actual order from the courts stating that you now have custody.

You stated that the courts knew that your son was living with you, so does this mean that you had a hearing on this matter in court. You can respond back via this thread.


was there i court hearing
by: anthoony

No there was not a court hearing.My son just moved out agianst her will cause of a past event, She got physical with my son of a cell phone. So my son decide to move out knowing hes 17 and may do so.

Extra info
by: Anthony

The courts know my son moved out because his mother called the local police and the front of the court the day he moved out.

Child Support Enforcement
by: Anonymous

You are probably going to have to contact the courts to get a modification done on the child support.....but if I were you, I would contact child support and see if they have some kind of protocol for this sort of issue, I am sure this isn't the first time a child has gone to live with the non-custodial parent so I am sure they would be able to direct you in the correct way you should go!

Stopping Child Support
by: CSA Team Member

Hello Anthony,

Thanks for your response. It appears that you will need to go back to court and file for full custody if you want the child support to stop.

The only question is, is it really worth going through the process since your son is 17 years old. You will need to determine if it's worth going through the process with only one year left to pay.

You can surely file a motion with the courts on your own instead of hiring an attorney on this matter.

Again, you just need to determine if it's really worth going through this. You are kind of in a sticky situation.


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