100k In Back Child Support With Interest

by Ray

I am 100k in arrears on my child support. I have a court case coming up on Oct 7th this year. I am wondering if there is any advice anyone can offer.

I am in California and have made payments here and there but for the most part have not fulfilled my obligation to the court.

I have been in my daughters life and have contributed along her growing up.

What am I facing and should I try and get a family law facilatator or public defender to assist me. I have been running for years dreading going down and facing the consequences. I have a 4 yr old son of which I have a great relationship and I don't want to disappoint him by not being around for him.

Please let me know if you have any advice or experience with something as serious as this matter..

Thanks in advance.

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by: Anonymous

If you go to court in CA it will be over for you. If the court ordered child support has been in place all this time and you chose not to pay you will owe 100% of it plus 10% interest. The judge will side with the mother and you will also pay 100% of her attorney's fees. They will give another court order with a payment schedule for the arrears that will likely take 80% of your net take home pay. Settle out of court and keep the attorney's out of it.

Been in your shoes but . . .
by: Anonymous

. . . it's one thing to be in arrears but you are also in contempt of a court order and that's where they really get you at. Believe me, I know, they've done it to me 2 times in the past year and are doing it again soon. No matter how much you pay because of your limited income, if it is not what the judge ordered, you're in contempt and going to jail. I was ordered to pay $800 and was paying between $650-700 via employer garnishment and when we went back 3 months after I got out of jail the first time, just to 'review', she said I was in contempt because it wasn't what she ordered and put me back in jail. Believe me, the child support court system is a lose-lose situation for everyone except for the jail because they get money for you to be there. I believe the courts are in conspiracy with the local jails to get that dollar from the state. My advice -- run far, run fast. You're going to jail! Sorry

to the dead-beat dad
by: Anonymous

You should be in jail. Where would the childs mother be had she failed to support her child.. I am a daughter of a dead-beat "dad" who never helped in the slightest. We struggled. I don't mean that lightly. My mom worked CONSTANTLY trying to make it on 4 dollars an hour throughout the nineties. We did without almost always. Relying on help from people who owed us nothing. Alienating my mothers family as she always seemed to need help.

He was never there to help. Being around is hardly what it takes to raise a child... I'm now grown and still feel those effects. I feel cheated out of a life that I could have had with both parents EQUAL support. You sir, are a loser and I hope you go to jail where you will get just barely the sustinance needed to live on. And I fully intnd on pursuing the cs my mother, sister, and I were cheated out of. Even though, he cannot afford to pay.. My mother couldn't afford her obligations but, found a way to do so. As should he.

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