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Do you have issues and concerns about child support? Well, at Child Support you will always have access to valuable and current information on this touchy, but popular subject matter.

CSA is operated by a knowledgeable team of individuals who have all seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of what we call the "System". Every CSA team member has an open case or two, so we all know the system pretty well, and understands how it works.

The interesting thing about the system is that it does not discriminate against anyone. It can affect the young and old, as well as both the rich and the poor. All of us here at CSA have experienced many issues first hand.

Child Support America

All of us here at CSA have experienced many issues first hand. Our goal is to use those experiences and provide all of you with great information to help with your situation. Also our approach is a neutral playing field. We will support both sides.

Our website supports both the Custodial and the Non-Custodial parents.The Non-Custodial Parent is the person who is making the support payments, and the Custodial Parent is the one who receives the check. Nevertheless, CSA is a positive mediator for both sides.

We also want to hear about your questions and concerns. Please share your story with us. We will review your post and respond back as time permits. Your question, or story will then appear live on our website. This will allow you to read additional questions, stories and comments from other visitors around the country as well.

We are also offering a limited number of VIP memberships. This membership will provide you with various benefits not offered to our regular visitors. Feel free to check out our VIP page for details. So take a look around and enjoy this free information to help with your child support needs. Sincerely, CSA Team

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